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Curated Workshops

Smile Till We All Make It

Let’s explore how our attitude affects the success of our student leadership and our ability to build a positive school culture.

CASL Workshops

Mastering Motivation

Motivation is the pulse that breathes life and success into any team. Let’s explore how to instill motivation within our teams to create a powerhouse for communal change.

Sasha Lee

Learn how to use humor, allowing the team to reach its highest potential while working efficiently.


As leaders, we often mask our emotions. In this workshop, we’ll explore what it means to be vulnerable in our groups. Join us to learn how to harness the power of vulnerability and transform your life and work!

Level 1: Initiative

Learn the layers of initiative and its importance within your leadership community.

Commun-ication Cubed

The importance of communication is the cornerstone of student leadership, and a good communication toolbox is multifaceted.

Canvas Advocacy

To create lasting tangible change, we must embrace authentic advocacy. Join us as we discuss how to best serve marginalized communities.

Shared Ownership

In any team, having mutual responsibility to contribute to the overall success of your program is essential. Join me as we learn the skills to create an environment of shared ownership to implement long-lasting change!

Upcycling the Growth Mindset

Redefine personal growth to enable us to better ourselves and achieve success.

One Step Towards Change

We’re going to be having a conversation about how taking a step back is required of us, even if we don’t feel like it’s needed or necessary.

CASL Workshops
CASL Workshops

We the Goal-getters

Discover how to establish a clear action plan for achieving our goals through understanding what we can control.

Shine Through the Darkness

Learn valuable skills to overcome critics, to shine as yourself, and to light up your entire campus.

Be Loud and Be Proud!

In this workshop, we will define the brand, cultive the mission, and reflect the values that leave a lasting legacy on our campuses. Let’s learn how branding can impact and ignite school culture.

It’s About Us: Keys to Mindful Communication

We’ve all heard the old phrase “communication is key ” – but what kind of communication? Having an open, honest dialogue is key to helping everyone stay on the same page and move forward. Join us as we learn some strategies to effectively communicate as a group.

CASL Workshops

Resetting to Self-Empowerment

Diminish the overbearing ideals of perfectionism and step into a realm of reality to learn how to effectively empower yourself!

Own Your Excellence

Ditch the self-made excuses. Through intentional reflection and engaging activities, we will gain new tools to combat imposter syndrome.

The Tug-of-War of Diplomacy

“Learn the ropes” of how to effectively collaborate and compromise within our leadership and school communities to take our events to another level!

Click! A Group Bonding Guide

So many times we hear of groups not “clicking” with each other. Today we’ll investigate that and find new ways leaders can create bonds with one another, to create an effective and efficient work environment.

Cultivating Culture

Join me as we explore the purpose of culture, and how we can effectively create & cultivate it to better serve our students and build more meaningful connections.


Maintaining student engagement is a challenge we all face. Come learn real, tangible ways to establish and maintain engagement when planning events.

Re-igniting the Flame

Recovering from burnout can be a challenging process, but developing the right skills can guide you on the journey.

Lights! Camera! Criticism?!

As leaders, we’re constantly in the spotlight, so criticism comes with the territory. In this workshop, we’ll learn about how to be open to criticism, as well as how to differentiate between the types of criticism to grow.

CASL Workshops

Long Story Short

Join us as we discuss how to not be defined by the things we do and reflect on the lessons we learn from our experiences.

Humor is Key!

Learn how to use humor, allowing the team to reach its highest potential while working efficiently.

Failing Forward

Delegates will learn to shift their mindset on failure to a necessary and crucial part of our lives and categorize better and learn from their mistakes.


It’s time to bring a new perspective into our planning process. Let’s learn together as we pave the way to becoming visionaries!

Lead Like a Bee

Bees have a special bond while they ate in the hive. They know how to work together, communicate, and make the hive thrive! Join us as we develop our bee skills to build more effective teams!

Worthy of Love

Learn how to simultaneously serve ourselves and others. Together, we will delve into what self-worth is and discover that we are all worthy of love.

You’re on!

Boom! As leaders, sometimes we are handed the microphone with little to no notice. Join me as we prepare for these impromptu moments through tips, tricks, and practice!

Who’s your #1?

What is preventing you from leading yourself? Why self leadership is a basic element for a transformational leader? How we can improve our self-leadership?

CASL Workshops
CASL Workshops

Take a Pause: The Secret to Stop People Pleasing

As everyday leaders, it’s in our human nature to please others. It’s hard for us to say no, and we apologize frequently. In this workshop, we will reflect on the steps to become more authentic and learn to let go. Join me as we explore the true meaning of people-pleasing.

That’s a Real Lasting Legacy… To Leave

As leaders oftentimes there is that wonder about what legacy you leave in short or long-term situations. Here within this workshop, we will talk about what it means to leave a legacy, how to do so, and transform spaces in such a manner.

Judge, Jury, and Expectations

When we make predictions about the success of our ideas, psychological biases can creep in and skew the accuracy of our judgments. We will analyze these biases to improve our predictions!