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Middle School: April 13 – 15 || High School: April 15 – 17


NatStuCo is a three-day event where student council members and advisers will roll up their sleeves and dive into robust leadership training. With engaging speakers, informative workshops, and peer networking, this conference never fails to provide the knowledge and enthusiasm to improve your council and realize your leadership potential.


Area Conferences

CADA is divided into 7 Areas (A-G) by county in California.  Each Area (A-G) hosts 1-day regional conferences for both students and advisors. These conferences are a great opportunity to improve your leadership without having to commit to an multiple day conference. Because these conferences are in local areas they make transportation easier and cheaper. Visit the CADA website to find the date of your local Area Conference.

CADA Camps

CADA/CASL Leadership Camps have been bringing student leaders together each summer since 1984 to network, train, and develop foundational skills to kick off the new school year. There is no greater opportunity to grow as a student leader than to meet and collaborate with other student leaders from outside their own school. While we are unable to gather together in person, this year more than ever, we need to bring together like-minded individuals to develop plans to positively impact a very different school climate that is predicted for the fall. Our school cultures are in need of strong student leadership to take charge and help their peers feel connected and valued.

California School Board Association

The AEC (Annual Education Conference) is CSBA’s way of delivering practical solutions to help governance teams from districts and county offices of education improve student learning and achievement. Whether you are a veteran board member, a superintendent, a board support professional or a first-time attendee, you’ll come away from conference with practical ideas and a renewed commitment to help your board accomplish the critical work ahead.