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Curriculum Packs

We are ecstatic to join the journey of developing creative solutions for students during this time! These packs are intended to be informational booklets that give ideas and guidance regarding relevant topics for student leaders and advisors. We are thrilled to embark on a journey of knowledge, collectivism, and innovation with you!

Leading Towards Tomorrow
The CASL Curriculum Committee would like to invite you to access our second, cost-free Curriculum Resource Pack! This month’s resource pack is titled “Leading Towards Tomorrow.” It includes information on how to amplify the needs of staff and students on campus while providing greater opportunities for every demographic.
Virtualizing Your Leadership
CASL’s first resource pack released in September is titled “Virtualizing your Leadership”. It includes information and ideas about conducting virtual leadership programs, building spirit, recognizing students, managing clubs, organizing community involvement, and much more.
Curriculum Packs

Letter From the Curriculum Committee 

The CASL curriculum team is ecstatic to cultivate resources that will enable change-making on your campus! This is the first year of a year-round curriculum committee and we are looking forward to collaborating with California’s student leaders and advisor to trail blaze with cutting-edge leadership concepts.


Giana Bove, CASL Southern Director