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Outstanding Leadership
Program Award 2024

The Outstanding Leadership Program Award (OLPA) is a distinguished honor presented to schools whose student leadership programs are proven spaces where student leaders grow as ethical, responsible, and servant-minded architects of change. All CADA/CASL member schools are invited to apply for the award by preparing a self-study using the guidelines on the following page.

Outstanding Leadership Program Award

Applicant schools must attend the CASL State Conference or CADA Camps in order to display statewide engagement and complete their eligibility for the award. Applications must be received by 4 PM on February 5th, 2024 for consideration by the CASL State Board. In order to allow time for all applications to be reviewed and showcased at the CADA Convention, and in fairness to all the applicants, late applications will not be accepted.

Principals and Advisors of schools selected for this honor will be notified by mail, and one student representative from each selected school will be recognized at the CASL State Conference. Schools honored with the Outstanding Leadership Program Award will also be recognized at the CADA State Convention, in the Spring Edition of the CADA/CASL Newsletter, and on the CASL website.

Applications for the Outstanding Leadership Program 2024 are now open.


Application Info

  • Your school can begin the application process today!
  • Requirements:
    1) Be in a leadership program at a CADA/CASL School

    2) Register for the 2024 CASL State Conference or have attended the 2023 CADA Camps

    3) Have a student from your delegation apply for “Meet the Pros”

    4) Complete all parts of the application
  • Final Deadline:
    February 5th, 2024
    by 4 PM.
  • Need help with your application email:
    [email protected]
  • Don’t try to complete your application all at once. Turn in sections as you complete them. Begining in November we will post a status guide so you can verify which sections of the project we have received from your school.
  • Submit your application online or you can mail your completed application to us. Remember even if you are mailing us your project to fill out section 1 so we know to expect your package. Please mail your package to:

Sandi Kurland
16045 Oakley Rd
Ramona CA 92065

2023 – 2024 OLPA Application

Part 1: School Information
Submit Part 1
  • School Name & Address
  • School Phone Number
  • Principal’s Name & Email
  • Overseeing Adult’s Name & Email
  • Student Representative’s Name & Email
  • An explanation of how the student leaders support the CASL Mission Statement including your school’s participation and representation at the local, state, and national levels.
Part 2: Program Goals
Submit Part 2

Create a goal for your leaders program for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Part 3: Student Leader Testimony
Submit Part 3

A letter or a video testimony from a student leader explaining how leaders serve the whole student body and school community.

Part 4: Principal Testimony 
Submit Part 4

A letter or video testimony from the Principal explaining how student leaders positively affect the climate on campus.

Part 5:  Student Testimony
Submit Part 5

A letter or video testimony from any currently enrolled student explaining how student leaders positively affect the climate on campus.

Part 6: Have a Delegate Apply for “Meet the Pros”

High School Application

Middle School Application


Deadline to submit Meet the Pros Application. February 9th at 3:15 PM

Part 7 – 10: CADA/CASL Improved School Climate and Culture 

Submit Part 7
Response 1 & 2
Submit Part 8
Response 3 & 4

Submit Part 9
Response 5 & 6

Submit Part 10
Response 7 & 8

Create a description of how the school’s leadership program meets the landmarks on the CADA/CASL Road Map to improve school climate and culture. For each section, you must select two of the following prompts to write a statement for. By the end of the OLPA, you will have responded to a total of 8 of the responses.


  1. What small change did your leadership program make that made a profound difference? Describe the change and how the ripples of the change affected your school and leadership program.

  2. Authenticity creates trust. Authenticity is when our actions match our organizational beliefs. How do your program’s actions match your core values? Are your actions and beliefs consistent? How do you know?

  3. What cultures on your campus does your leadership program underrepresent or find difficulty connecting with? What have you tried to build trust with different cultures on your campus?

  4. What does the brand of your school mean to the student body and local community? What do you want it to mean? What are you doing as a leadership program to build your brand?

  5. How does your leadership program share the spotlight? What does your leadership program do to use its power and authority to elevate others and give a voice to students?

  6. How does your leadership program inspire students to serve your campus and your community?

  7. What does your leadership program do to make students feel safe on your campus and in your community?

  8. How does your leadership program embrace the potential of new leaders? How do new leaders have the opportunity to change and improve the school and leadership program?

  9. How does your leadership program create trust with adults on campus (Admin, Teachers, Custodians, and Support Staff)?

  10. What is the process your leadership program uses to evaluate the effectiveness of your leadership program?