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Service Learning
Service Project Resources

This month, we wanted to center our project around identifying ways we can support one another from a distance. Building off September’s Equity Panel service project, this month will be geared towards re-establishing what it means to be a student leader. We will analyze the why behind traditions in order to ignite culture within our campus, community, and state that begins with supporting the needs of those we serve. This project is broken up into 3 main tiers: Supporting Our Student Body, Supporting Our Community, and Supporting Our State. As we learn more about each section, we will apply research learned from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into the projects we implement. Visit the next page to learn more about what Maslow’s Hierarchy entails along with our table of contents

Service Learning Experience

Every year, the service-learning experience at the CASL State Conference partners with an organization to bring the spirit of leadership to the wider community. After many brainstorming sessions and planning with the board, we are proud to announce we are working alongside the organization A Touch Of Understanding! Alongside our partnership with the non-profit organization, A Touch of Understanding, we hope to create an altruistic experience for delegates to become more knowledgeable about disabilities, develop empathy, and devise tangible next steps to uplift their populations on campus.
Service Learning

Letter From the Service Committee 

The CASL Service Committee is so excited to be providing the delegates of California with a way to get involved with impactful organizations from around the world!

Diane Kim, CASL Northern Director

Past Partnerships
Past Project Resources

For the month of September, we evaluated what campuses really need at this time. As we listen to the needs of our peers and students on campus, it’s important to create opportunities for conversation about representation. It’s important to note that our role as student leaders is to establish a culture that celebrates and values everyone’s story. Therefore, for the month of september we’ve created this how-to planning guide for planning an Equity Panel. Our why behind this resource is to provide a starting point for leadership groups to truly listen and advocate for the needs of their students.

An equity panel is a great way to accomplish these goals. It jumpstarts and creates a safe space to have conversations about the issues on your campus. We hope you utilize this resource by including others who are passionate about having a conversation on instilling equity on your campus. We invite all organizations, leadership groups, and clubs to read and use this resource! This project will include various aspects in order for you to turn your mission into a reality. Within this, you will read about how to establish your why for your panel, plan our logistics, execute your planning, and additional resources such as technology tips. As you use this project, we encourage you to think about how you can make it your own and personalize it so it best fits your campuses needs!ore about what Maslow’s Hierarchy entails along with our table of contents