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Our Mission
The mission of The California Association of Student Leaders (CASL) as a student-led, not-for-profit organization is to provide a statewide network, which facilitates the development of ethical, responsible, and servant leaders. CASL’s initiative is to equip and empower students to be effective future leaders of the world through local, regional, and statewide conferences.

CASL’s History

CASL works in partnership with the California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA). In 1994, the National Association of Student Councils (NatStuCo) saw a need for a board of student leaders in the state of California and reached out to CADA to lead this initiative. In 1996, CASL hosted their first State Conference in Visalia, California, with the first official Board of Student Directors being elected there. Since then, CASL and CADA have supported each other in their shared mission to develop student leaders in schools around California and beyond.

Letter From the President

I have been so incredibly privileged to have met inspirational figures and heard awe-invoking stories through my time with CASL. It has opened doors for self-reflection, new interactions, and multiple opportunities to evolve as a leader. Getting involved with CASL has been one of the luckiest opportunities I have had as a high schooler and I cannot be more grateful for my advisors who have helped me grow as a student leader so I could soar to new heights I could not even imagine four years ago. I am so thankful for these past three years as I aspire to embody a sense of supportiveness just like my advisors as I lead this generation of student leaders towards a brighter tomorrow. 


On behalf of the amazing student leaders of California, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your continued and unwavering support for our development as the next generation of community builders. I cannot wait to meet you and your wonderful students at the 2023 CASL State Conference.

Sophie White, CASL State President
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