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CASL has many different opportunities for elementary, middle, and high school students to get involved with our organization beyond attending a conference. Ranging from the large commitment of joining the board, presenting at our conferences during meet the pros, and even joining our newest program, the CASL Ambassadors. We would love for you to become part of our student team.

CASL Ambassadors

Created in 2019, the CASL Ambassadors Program was created in order to provide CASL Delegates and student leaders around the state (and country!) the opportunity to get involved with CASL.

Become an Ambassador
CASL State Board

Join the Board

The CASL State Board is comprised of 32 student leaders and adult advisory members from all over California. Throughout the year, this group works tirelessly to provide resources to delegate, provide opportunities, and plan and host the annual CASL State Conference! 

Meet the Pros

Meet the Pros is a Hallmark of the CASL State Conference. It’s Simple: Pick a topic you are passionate about, create a 12 minute presentation, make a handout, and present! Applications open in November, your brainstorming can start now!

Meet the Pros Presenter

Calling All Alumni! • Were you previously on the CASL State Board? We’d love to see you again at our next event! We accept applications for individuals who would like to join the CASL State Conference annually!

Give Back as an Alumni

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