Are you interested in building up your media skills? Come to our bi-monthly CASL Media Ambassadors calls!

Welcome to CMAT!

The CASL Media Ambassadors Team, or CMAT, is a program created by the CASL Media Team that helps students across California who are interested in furthering their media skills connect and grow with each other. Twice a month, the CMAT team meets via Zoom in order to learn new skills and help create projects for events such as the CASL Conference!

What is our “why”?

CMAT’s “why” is primarily to help student leaders learn new media skills and connect to other student leaders. CMAT is a program created for everyone, so no matter your experience, we would be happy to have you on our calls!

Before CMAT, I had always wanted to learn about how to design a website but never knew how. In this program, I was able to learn this valuable skill among so many others such as graphic design tips and logo creation!

In CMAT, I have found new tools that make my work in Leadership and other things so much easier. I have so many new media skills, now I can make fun graphics and designs to share with my community.

As someone who loves the concept and process of website design, I really enjoyed our time working on our personal website pages. It was extremely rewarding to see the CMAT team’s ability to soak in the information given to them in that hour, and the results were incredible!

Playing a part in leading and creating CMAT this year has allowed me to meet fellow media-minded leaders across California, learn more about media both from the CASL Media Team and other CMAT members, and express my media and leadership passions together. I’d highly recommend anyone get involved!

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